Writing … Another Story

Occasionally, dreams provide us interesting starting nuggets for what could develop into full-blown stories. Of late, my life has been so full of conflict, betrayal, and disappointment, that it affected my sleep and resulted in an interesting dream. Here, I’m just going to write out the thoughts I had related to the dream, and flesh out the main character.

The dream was set in medieval Europe. I can only assume England, because everyone spoke English. But then, I only speak English. And I’m not familiar enough with European medieval clothing to be certain of the time, but I’m thinking late 14th – early 15th century.

The main character is a late teens-early 20’s man living at court. He’s no one of great importance in general, but as it happens he is related to the King and somewhere along the line of succession. For the most part, he’s invisible at court, however, hanging out with his friends and causing trouble. Basically of no great import to anyone.

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Random Writing – Explosions

Sometimes, you just have to chase a plot bunny. Here’s where today’s has been leading me:


Dan bent his stiff fingers around the ice covered sapling. He groaned as he squatted to lower himself down the muddy slope. His knee popped and he grunted, momentarily pausing while he lowered himself. The sapling bent and ice crackled. Dan’s foot slipped. He strained, pulling harder against the sapling. It snapped, sending him head first down the hill.Continue reading “Random Writing – Explosions”

The Night Before Easter

So it was late (or maybe early) and I’d finally gotten abed.
A noise rose outside that I thought might be in my head.
I stood from my bed and looked out below.
The yard once again is covered in snow.
I saw something move on a once-grassy slope.
Wouldn’t you know it? A sleigh drawn by jackalope.
A heard a faint cry and thought, ‘Oh how funny.
If he went down the chimney, we’ll have roast Easter Bunny.’
I guess that he didn’t, ’cause when I went down the stairs.
I found lots of stowed eggs, and candy, and bunny hairs.
I peeked back outside. The jackalopes were gone.
Instead where they were, there were tracks on my lawn.

Happy Easter

I wrote this poem in the (very) early hours of Easter, as I waited for the appearance of the aforementioned Bunny. This is what happens when I have coffee too late in the day.

Random Writing – Wild Yeast

The RocNaNo group frequently posts random writing prompts. This one involves beer, so it caught my eye:


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