Lair Bahn

National Blog Posting Month – September 2014 – Crunch

Prompt – Tell us a ghost story.


Hanna shuddered in the damp darkness. Wind whispered through the fallen leaves, shuffling them on the forest floor. Mist sprayed lightly on her cheeks as she strained to see into the blackness in front of her.

An owl cried out. Hanna crouched, hiding from the unseen enemy. The blackness pressed down keeping her low.

A screech in the distance drove Hanna to the ground. The scent of mildew and rotten leaves filled her nose. The screech came again, this time closer. Something crawled over Hanna’s hand. She shook it off and scuttled back, freezing when the screech came a third time, seemingly right over her.

There was a snort. The sound of a horse blowing. Stomping hooves. Not ten feet from where Hanna lay. Yet, she saw nothing.

Hooves stomped toward her. Hanna covered her head. Hot breath poured over her neck. Cautiously, she looked up.

The beast reared up. A skeletal horse, eye sockets glowing. Hanna’s chest vibrated as it screeched again. Flames burst from its mouth.

Hanna screamed and rolled out of the way of its pounding feet. She plunged headlong into the thick foliage, the sound of hoofbeats close behind. Branches slashed at her face and arms. Roots grabbed at her feet.

She fell, bouncing off of a tree and landing hard onto a stony creek bed. The world spun. Hanna drew her knees to her chest and cried out.

Silence enveloped her.

Leaves trembled in the wind, tapping lightly against each other. Mist settled lightly on her arms and cheeks.

Hanna waited. The darkness pressed on her.

Hot breath stroked her cheek and she whimpered.

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