Writing … Another Story

Occasionally, dreams provide us interesting starting nuggets for what could develop into full-blown stories. Of late, my life has been so full of conflict, betrayal, and disappointment, that it affected my sleep and resulted in an interesting dream. Here, I’m just going to write out the thoughts I had related to the dream, and flesh out the main character.

The dream was set in medieval Europe. I can only assume England, because everyone spoke English. But then, I only speak English. And I’m not familiar enough with European medieval clothing to be certain of the time, but I’m thinking late 14th – early 15th century.

The main character is a late teens-early 20’s man living at court. He’s no one of great importance in general, but as it happens he is related to the King and somewhere along the line of succession. For the most part, he’s invisible at court, however, hanging out with his friends and causing trouble. Basically of no great import to anyone.

He and three of his friends are chatting one day. Something has happened, and the four of them have realized they need to get out of the castle. The main character is somehow threatened, but everyone feels that it’s best to act normal. They agree that they’re going to leave right away, and the main character decides to casually go back to his chambers to get some things before they leave. I’m thinking he wants some special weapons – I’m not sure.

Alas, while on his way he is stopped by the Bad Guys™, some people meaning to do bad things In my mind, I’m thinking hostile takeover with killing the king and all his heirs (including the main character).

The main character is taken, stripped, and strapped into some device with is like those crazy amusement park rides where you can spin any which way. Only he’s not strapped in tight enough to prevent injury and the Bad Guys™ spin him around so much that his brain is basically scrambled. He vomits all over himself and somehow falls out of the straps before the torture ends. He is summarily dumped in a ditch naked and injured to die.

Then someone comes along….

And I woke up.

This dream has stayed with me. It’s kind of a metaphor for where I am in my life right now. That notwithstanding, I want to develop the story into something better.

First the main character needs a name. The name given him at birth by the King, his father. I’m thinking something like Godwin. Now, he’s a bastard son of the King, which is why he’s basically ignored (a little like Jon Snow in Game of Thrones, I suppose), and after all the torture he’s basically dumped as a nobody.

He’s rescued by a farm family, and as he recovers, he lies about who he is. He gives them a common name, like David, and tells the family he remembers nothing more. He leaves his former life at court behind. Until one day…

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