Culinary Art – The Baltimorphic Complex

Many months ago, I made a one-gallon batch of an experimental beer I called Baltimorphic Complex. I called it this, because I wanted to brew something special for the Geological Society of America’s annual meeting, which was to be held in Baltimore in November (it’s going on right now, in fact).

Baltimorphic Complex is a Belgian-ish ale that used Old Bay for flavoring, an intentional nod to Baltimore. It wound up being totally delicious, and I knew I wanted to make another batch.Continue reading “Culinary Art – The Baltimorphic Complex”

Longsword and Imagination Collide Unexpectedly

I’ve been studying 14th century German longsword for over a year now. It’s a wonderful martial art which has help me recover some (and make gains in other areas) of my physical prowess that’s rather fallen apart with middle age and parenthood.

Recently, I learned a new guard in which you hold the sword low and in front of you, pointed off to the side. This guard, in the German tradition, is called Schrankhut (the barrier guard). See some photos here of real longsword practitioners demonstrating the guard.

My quick sketch of Schrankhut
My quick sketch of Schrankhut
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