About Penny

Paleontology, Photography, and Pets

I am a storyteller, an artist, and a scientist.

I am a story teller. Every thing – every person, every living thing, every object, every bit of technology, every product, every scientific finding – has a story. My passion is to tell these stories and create a richer world.

– I am a compassionate communicator, using various media online and in person to create compelling stories that explain important events and results that affect everyone.
– I am an educator, taking the complexities of scientific thought and breaking them down into understandable stories that can be learned at any age or educational level.
– I am a curious, imaginative, and dedicated researcher with additional training and experience in marketing principles and business management resulting in the successful development and growth of PaleoPix and Mew-Mew House.

My story begins at an early age when I discovered my fondness for animals and their forms through art. By middle school, my interest in their skeletal anatomies grew and I could name most of the bones in their bodies. By high school, I discovered photography and considered pursuing art for a career but decided to pursue my fascination with fossils.

I am a story-teller, an artist, and a scientist.

My years as a science instructor and researcher has put me in a unique place to communicate the the complexities of technical and scientific research in language that is accessible to everyone.

As a digital artist and photographer, I am able to use the language of color, composition, and design to communicate the stories of complex ideas in attractive and visually pleasing ways.

As a writer, I have had the undeniable pleasure of providing fun accounts of imaginary events as well as accounts of brilliant new – and true – scientific discoveries, and making all available to everyone.

I am a story-teller, an artist, and a scientist.

As my love for learning continued to grow over the years so did my love for art and photography.

As the owner of PaleoPix, I have the joy of helping people express their greatest passions for life and work through photography and illustration. And the best part is that I can continue to pursue science and share what I learn through art, photography, and outreach.

As the owner of Mew-Mew House, I am able to compassionately help people preserve the story of their beloved pets. Plus, I have an internal source of endless photo opportunities and cuddles.

As the owner of EPOCH Isotopes, I am able to continue my scientific research and help explore the Earth’s past to discover potential futures.

I am a story-teller, an artist, and a scientist.

Want to work with me or simply connect over a mutual love for cats or natural history?

Reach out to me via
penny.higgins@paleopix.com or pennilyn.higgins@gmail.com