Sewing Saturday – My New Lab Coat

Yeah, I know. I’m not publishing this on a Saturday. But I did the sewing on Saturday. Last Saturday, in fact.

But I was also slightly (ok, very) sick at the time, so I only took pictures and didn’t do much else (aside from the sewing, of course.)

Truth be told, I actually didn’t sew much that day either, except for four buttonholes and four buttons. What I did instead was paint.

But let’s go back to the title. What’s this about a new lab coat?

I work in a lab. I’m a geochemist. Lab coats are basically obligatory. The problem is, lab coats tend not to fit well. No matter what size you get, they’re ill fitting and you have to roll the sleeves – which can be a problem.

I’ve been known to do a little sewing, so I decided to make a lab coat that was fitted exactly to me. And since I would make my own lab coat, this one would be… special.Continue reading “Sewing Saturday – My New Lab Coat”

Character Sketch: Father Arin of Herongarde

For giggles, I thought I try my hand at responding to one of the “Today’s Cliche” prompts from the RocNaNo blog. The challenge was to develop a character based on the prompt in something like 2000 words.

This is a character from the Herongarde Trilogy that one day I’ll finish writing. I hadn’t developed him very well, and now that I have, I think I need to include him more often. There are bits and snippets about Herongarde here on my blog. This post is also mirrored over on the RocNaNo blog.

Character: Priests who go adventuring.

Father Arin of Herongarde

Arin was born to a merchant, and spent his formative years traveling with is father and mother throughout Herongarde, Aidengarde, and Falgarth (among other nations), visiting noblemen and royalty wherever they went. Arin’s mother died when he was about seven years old, leaving him desperate for answers.Continue reading “Character Sketch: Father Arin of Herongarde”

Tessa’s Scolding

***November is National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo for short.***

The goal of NaNoWriMo is to write a 50,000 word novel in one month. Yes, it can be done. Right now, my novel is my focus, and Stink Bug Saturdays have suffered for it.

So, I’ve decided that today I ought to share a scene from the novel I’m working on for NaNoWriMo. This is unrevised text, so, yes, there’s likely to be typos.

This is the second book in the Herongarde trilogy. I’m optimistic that I will have a complete first draft for the second novel by the end of the month.

This scene features Queen Tessa, the mother of Trey, and wife of King Anthony. She is in no way pleased at how Anthony has treated Hanna, and is happy to express her displeasure in front of Anthony’s elite guard.Continue reading “Tessa’s Scolding”


It’s late on a Sunday night. For some reason, I’ve been convinced all day that it’s Saturday. Maybe because tomorrow’s a holiday. Maybe because I didn’t sleep well last night so yesterday has just run into today as one big blur.

For whatever reason, I have been thinking it’s Saturday and that I already blogged today so I don’t have to now.

Only that it’s Sunday, and if I want to blog every day I need to blog yet today.

So, here are some pictures of horses that I took at the New York State Fair this weekend. Please enjoy them.Continue reading “Horses”