Stink Bug – Chapter 39

The floor was hard, but the chair was no longer an option. It had been mangled by W’x’tl’s aggression. It would take some doing to make it a serviceable piece of furniture again. Probably easier to just toss it out and start over.

V’x cooed and stroked my hair, clicking her beak slightly and worrying over the scratches on my arms and shoulders. I didn’t want to move. Everything hurt. It felt as if every part of W’x’tl had been sharp, and she had never missed her mark.Continue reading “Stink Bug – Chapter 39”

Stink Bug – Chapter 38

I sat facing the door, expecting it to open again at any moment. The grey had left rather suddenly. Maybe it would be back.

V’x was still cooing quietly. I twisted to see her sitting outside of the cage. W’x’tl sat inside, silent, her beak tucked under her wing.

“Vix?” I said, straining to see her. She didn’t move. “Vix!” W’x’tl fluttered, emitting a low threatening trill.Continue reading “Stink Bug – Chapter 38”

Random Scene Sunday

“Seth!” Rott’s voice echoed through the dark cavern. “Seth! Are you all right?”

Daggers of pain swept through his body as Seth tried to draw a breath. He inhaled dust and coughed. The pain was sharp. All he managed was a gasp.


A shower of fine dust and rock showered Seth’s face.  He was stuck. The left side of his body was pinned beneath a massive boulder. His left hand was throbbing and tingling. He could move his fingers, he thought, but only barely. Continue reading “Random Scene Sunday”

Stink Bug – Chapter 37

“I think things are calm there for the moment,” I said. V’x was grooming herself and trilling softly. W’x’tl was silent, her face buried in battered feathers.

‘The one is violent,’ said the grey. ‘It fights to escape.’ I felt despair. No, this was what the grey felt.Continue reading “Stink Bug – Chapter 37”

Stink Bug – Chapter 36

V’x lept into the air, flapping her one good wing, wrenching out of the grey’s grasp. “No!” she cried. She turned, rushing for the door. The greys scattered. Only I remained, blocking her path. I grabbed at her feathers as she rushed by. The chair that I sat in spun and fell, but I kept my grip on V’x.Continue reading “Stink Bug – Chapter 36”

Day 0 of #NAPC2014 – Travel Woes

The North American Paleontological Convention began today in Gainesville, Florida. Having a meeting in February in Florida seemed like a brilliant idea. I was excited about traveling south and being warm for a few days.

What the planners of the convention forgot about, especially in the light of a series of relatively mild winters, that anyone traveling to Florida in February would have to make connections at northern airports.

Winter Storm Pax hit the northeaster United States at the exact time when most NAPC participants were traveling, resulting in measurable snow as far south as Atlanta, Georgia, through which many flights to Gainesville must connect.Continue reading “Day 0 of #NAPC2014 – Travel Woes”