Stink Bug – Chapter 35

V’x tucked her beak under her wing and napped beside my bed. I let my arm hang off the bed and stroked her feathers while she slept. I wasn’t sure which of us was more grateful that she was no longer in the cage. She shifted, pressing up against my hand and trilling lightly. “It’s all right Vix,” I whispered.Continue reading “Stink Bug – Chapter 35”

Stink Bug – Chapter 34

It was like a blast of gale-force wind hit. I winced. V’x cried out.

Voices cried out over the wind. The grey. It was speaking. I heard V’x. She was in my head. She was crying in terror.

The grey continued. I couldn’t understand. V’x cried louder. She was trying to withdraw. The grey wouldn’t let go. I slapped my free hand over both of their’s. They had to keep talking.Continue reading “Stink Bug – Chapter 34”

Stink Bug – Chapter 32

The greys conferred. V’x trilled to herself. I laid back and waited. My shoulder was killing me. I wanted to ask about it, but I waited. They had to let V’x out.

‘It is never our intent to hurt these creatures,’ a grey said finally. ‘We try to help.’

‘We fail,’ said another.

I groaned from the pain. “You can make it right.”

‘There is no way. We cannot communicate this way.’

“I find it hard to believe that you’d just give up,” I muttered.Continue reading “Stink Bug – Chapter 32”

Stink Bug – Chapter 31

The greys were very upset. V’x was terrified. I was stuck in the middle, translating for two alien species with whom I had little in common.

“Please. We should talk. You have questions. She has questions. I have questions,” I said.

The greys grew silent. Their attention was on me.Continue reading “Stink Bug – Chapter 31”

Stink Bug – Chapter 30

When I awoke again, I was determined to have a look around. The greys (which I called them for lack of a better word) seemed to want to help me, but I couldn’t help but think they meant to keep me prisoner. Plus, I was worried about V’x. She wasn’t a vicious animal, as the greys thought. She was a good… person. And I cared about her.Continue reading “Stink Bug – Chapter 30”