Writing … Another Story

Occasionally, dreams provide us interesting starting nuggets for what could develop into full-blown stories. Of late, my life has been so full of conflict, betrayal, and disappointment, that it affected my sleep and resulted in an interesting dream. Here, I’m just going to write out the thoughts I had related to the dream, and fleshContinue reading “Writing … Another Story”

Plagiarism and Copyright – Know the Rules

Plagiarism and Copyright I prepared this text for my students to help them understand the difference between plagiarism and copyright infringement as they work on videos as a class project. There is always confusion about what’s legal and what isn’t and what exactly constitutes plagiarism. I hope this is helpful for all. How to avoidContinue reading “Plagiarism and Copyright – Know the Rules”

Random Writing – Explosions

Sometimes, you just have to chase a plot bunny. Here’s where today’s has been leading me: Explosions Dan bent his stiff fingers around the ice covered sapling. He groaned as he squatted to lower himself down the muddy slope. His knee popped and he grunted, momentarily pausing while he lowered himself. The sapling bent andContinue reading “Random Writing – Explosions”