Art Every Day – Day 9

Weekends are different than the work-week, in that I have a little time for longer-term projects.

Today’s art is related to my costuming hobby, but is also practical. I’ve found myself hanging out with the archers in the Society for Creative Anachronism. I just bought a bow. I’ve made an arm guard. And I have all the appropriate 14th century-ish clothing. (I even wore my wool cloak today during archery practice because it was so cold!)

One thing I really need is a quiver to hold my arrows. So I’m making one.Continue reading “Art Every Day – Day 9”

Power Sewing

Today I sewed. I made what most folks would call a tunic. I did it in only a few hours. I must admit, I’m pretty impressed with myself.

The pattern I actually used was modified from a pourpoint pattern by Tasha Dandelion Kelly. I wanted a simple tunic to wear under the more proper pourpoint I made for longsword use. I like the pourpoint pattern, because it allows for a lot of flexibility in the arms and shoulders, but is otherwise very well fitted. I modified it by removing the lacing or button closure of the front.Continue reading “Power Sewing”

Day Three Wrap-Up #2013SVP – Peer Pressure for A Good Cause

Another day of the 73rd annual meeting of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology is in the record books. As with every Friday night of the annual meeting, we held the annual auction.

We have a live and a silent auction and sell donated items. The proceeds benefit various SVP programs, most often in support of student research.Continue reading “Day Three Wrap-Up #2013SVP – Peer Pressure for A Good Cause”

Costuming for Professional Paleontologists

In less than two weeks is the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology’s annual meeting. This year, the meeting will be held in Los Angeles, the home of earthquakes, tar pits, and Hollywood.

Crazy though it may seem, one thing I do in preparation for the meeting each year is come up with some manner of wacky costume to wear while there, as part of my professional service.Continue reading “Costuming for Professional Paleontologists”

Photos My Son Takes – At the Renaissance Faire

We went as a family to the Sterling Renaissance Festival today. A bit of a ‘last blast’ before I head out to points West for field work in the morning.

We all got in costume, though somehow, we didn’t manage to get a portrait of all three of us together. Oh well.

Upon our arrival. Me and the boy.
Upon our arrival. Me and the boy.

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