What Will I Be?

National Blog Posting Month – September 2014 – Crunch

Prompt – Tell us if you’re going to dress up tonight for Halloween. (And better yet, show us a picture of your costume!)


I’ll be dressing up on Halloween. I’m looking forward to it. What will I wear?

Well, there’s that tunic I made the other day. That’s part of my costume.

A little itchy, but it'll do.
A little itchy, but it’ll do.

There’s the pourpoint and jackchains I’ve been working on for a while. That’ll be part of my costume.

Seriously, I love this.
Seriously, I love this.

And a few other bits and pieces.

So many things, I need a suitcase to get them to the office.
So many things, I need a suitcase to get them to the office.

It’ll be a great ensemble. I’ll be wearing it to work tomorrow, and then trick-or-treating with my son later in the evening. I hope someone gets a photo, because it’s going to be awesome!

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  1. Neon Vincent says:

    I looked down the list of blogs participating in this month’s NaBloPoMo and saw yours, which brought me here. I should read your blog more often.

    Looking forward to reading your first post of November. After all, this month is going to be HUGE–there are 735 blogs signed up already!


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