Random Scene Sunday

“Seth!” Rott’s voice echoed through the dark cavern. “Seth! Are you all right?”

Daggers of pain swept through his body as Seth tried to draw a breath. He inhaled dust and coughed. The pain was sharp. All he managed was a gasp.


A shower of fine dust and rock showered Seth’s face.  He was stuck. The left side of his body was pinned beneath a massive boulder. His left hand was throbbing and tingling. He could move his fingers, he thought, but only barely. Continue reading “Random Scene Sunday”

Scene: An accident – Clint meets Enna

Clint huddled against the stiff wind. The twig and branch blind provided some shelter against the blowing snow, but the wind cut through readily and it was getting colder. His feet were wet. He was starting to shiver. The burrow would provide a warm reprieve from the bone-chilling weather. Yet he continued to stare down at the roadway below.Continue reading “Scene: An accident – Clint meets Enna”