Wordless Wednesday Writing Challenge – Reborn

The RocNaNo Blog offers Wordless Wednesday writing prompts. This is my response to this week’s challenge, based upon this photo:



K’eel sat back on her hocks and stared at the tiny, fluffy mass of down.

“We made this,” whispered W’oo’woo.

K’eel cooed as the chick stumbled forward, peeping eagerly. She opened her wings and the chick burrowed in. “It is amazing. I never thought…”

W’oo’woo hopped up, trilling a happy song. “We have won. We have won. We are free.”

T’r’bl squawked from across the clearing. “Don’t count your eggs, W’oo’woo.”

“This fight is far from over,” whistled K’eel.

W’oo’woo sat down. “But can’t we be happy? Just a little? Let us smile today.”

“We can smile,” trilled T’r’bl, “but let us also remember the sacrifices made to be here.”

“Poor Nate.” K’eel slicked down her feathers. “I wonder what he found.”

The chick poked its head out between K’eel’s feathers and cried out. W’oo’woo stuffed its mouth with insects, and it ducked back to the protection of its mother’s feathers.

“We won’t forget,” whispered W’oo’woo. “We can never forget.”

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