Random Scene Sunday

“Seth!” Rott’s voice echoed through the dark cavern. “Seth! Are you all right?”

Daggers of pain swept through his body as Seth tried to draw a breath. He inhaled dust and coughed. The pain was sharp. All he managed was a gasp.


A shower of fine dust and rock showered Seth’s face.  He was stuck. The left side of his body was pinned beneath a massive boulder. His left hand was throbbing and tingling. He could move his fingers, he thought, but only barely.

Rocks clattered down around him. Pebbles piled up beside his head. Seth whipped his head side to side, trying to clear the stones from his ears. He startled himself when his own right hand swept across his cheeks.


Seth reached over his head toward Rott’s voice, trying to speak. He could only muster a weak cry. His arm flopped back to his side.

“Aye Keennai! Seth! Where are you?”

Nothing but blackness surrounded him. Seth wondered if his eyes were shut and focused on opening them wide. The blackness pushed back.

He pressed his free hand against the boulder that held him in place. It didn’t move. The effort generated more dust. Seth sobbed in frustration.

“Is that you, Seth?” Rott’s voice was so distant. Seth groaned.

“Don’t leave me, Seth. I need you,” Rott’s voice whispered. Seth wondered where his legs were.


“Ro–.” Seth coughed. Breathing hurt. He thought he felt his right leg. Something brushed against it and piled against his hip. Stones clattered nearby. He shut his eyes.

“Don’t leave me, Seth! Please.” Rott’s sobs echoed in the dark and dusty chamber. Through Seth’s body. Seth could do nothing. So he waited.

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