Wordless Wednesday Writing Challenge – Mother of Pearl

The RocNaNo Blog offers Wordless Wednesday writing prompts. This is my response to today’s challenge, based upon this photo:


Mother of Pearl

His body felt so distant. He knew it was there, and that people were touching him. Touching him everywhere. Moving his arms and legs. Muffled voices echoed in his head, barely audible over the ringing in his ears. Trey tried to speak. There was no sound, only the sensation of someone laying across his chest.

He opened his eyes, suddenly aware that they had been closed. Brilliant light seared painfully before him. He cried out, but there was no sound again.

They were men and women, surrounding him. Poking him. Talking. Some were in plain blue tunics and hose. Others wore white coats. Long white coats with buttons. Mother of pearl buttons.

Hands pressed all over him, and he felt himself rolling. The buttons were close to his face now. So uniform were the buttons.

The weight on his chest grew. He couldn’t breathe! He tried to kick. Tried to struggle. His body was like lead. He couldn’t yelp.

There was a buzzing. A whistle. He was laid flat again, and the weight came off. An electric pain raced through his body. Panic. Something was in his throat. A tear slid from his eye and into his ear.

“Amazing,” a female voice said.

It was too bright to see. Another tear escaped.

A hand stroked his head. “You’ll be all right.”

His arms stung for a moment, then grew warm. And all was still.

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