Stink Bug – Chapter 34

It was like a blast of gale-force wind hit. I winced. V’x cried out.

Voices cried out over the wind. The grey. It was speaking. I heard V’x. She was in my head. She was crying in terror.

The grey continued. I couldn’t understand. V’x cried louder. She was trying to withdraw. The grey wouldn’t let go. I slapped my free hand over both of their’s. They had to keep talking.

It was so loud. I was groaning. I was on the verge of tears.

The grey grew louder. V’x’s cries were drowned out. Then they were gone.

The blasts continued. My grip on consciousness slipped.

It struck me. The grey was singing.

V’x was silent. The singing filled my head. I groaned loudly.

Another voice joined the grey’s. A different melody. Familiar.

V’x sang her mother’s song.

They harmonized.

I passed out.

I don’t know how much time had passed when I woke up. My hands laid across my chest. V’x was trilling and cooing beside me. I rolled my head. She and the grey were still holding hands.

They were rocking rhythmically as V’x sang. I wondered if they were still singing together.

I watched this for nearly a half an hour. Abruptly, V’x stopped singing, and the two of them blinked at each other. The grey released V’x and glided away.

“Are you ok, Vix?” I whispered.

She nodded, staring at the door through which the grey had passed.

“What happened?”

V’x shook her head.

The grey returned, followed by others. It approached the cage. V’x fluttered. The grey touched the gate and it opened. V’x trilled nervously as the grey reached into the cage, offering its hand once more.

V’x took the outstretched hand and shuddered. Her feathers fluffed and she cried out. The grey shut its eyes and they waited. It took a few minutes before V’x calmed enough to smooth her feathers. The grey blinked a smile, and guided V’x from the cage.

The other greys moved restlessly, edging toward the door.

V’x stood tall stretching her legs. She spread her wings, as best she could. Her right wing was little more than a sparsely feathered stump, but her left still bore the glorious feathers of her flying days. She had been stunningly beautiful before her injuries.

A couple of the greys left, obviously panicked.

V’x towered over the grey that stood beside her, and appeared enormous with her wings spread. She folded her wings, and crouched back to her more normal posture.

I sat up. I had no words.

The grey reached out to me and our hands touched. My mind filled with chaos again, but I could hear the grey over the din.

‘You are right,’ the grey said.

“You’ve been able to talk?”

‘Yes. It is difficult.’

“For both of you.”

V’x watched me. She was trilling, both in the air and in my mind.

“You’re singing together.”

‘It is beautiful.’

“Music transcends everything,” I muttered. A sense of agreement came from the grey. I smiled. “Have you learned anything. Can you help us? Can you help them?”

‘I don’t know yet. The others are afraid. And this hurts her.’

“Will you allow her out of the cage.”

‘Yes. It is not necessary.’

“Thank you.”

V’x trilled louder and clicked her beak. She was saying thank you as well.

‘I will bring you both food and let you rest. I have made a new friend. I must show the others.’

“Wow. Thanks again,” I muttered.

‘There is much to do. It will be difficult.’ The grey released its touch on me and V’x and backed away. It left, followed by the others.

V’x sat, still trilling to herself.

“You ok?” I whispered.

She shook her head. “So tired.” She tucked her beak under her good wing.

I reached out and stroked the feathers on her head. “Proud of you, Vix.”

“Thank you,” she whispered. “I hope I have the strength to go on.”

“I’m with you, Vix.”

“I’m glad. I need you.”


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