Wordless Wednesday Writing Challenge – The Cat’s Opinion

The RocNaNo Blog now offers Wordless Wednesday writing prompts. This is my response to today’s challenge, based upon this photo:

NickSaysNyahKeeping it short again, but slightly longer than 100 words:

The Cat’s Opinion

“Nick,” I said, excitedly. “Nick. Nick!” I leapt toward the cat as he lounged on the bed. “Nick! What did you think? Wasn’t he nice?”

Nick didn’t stir. He merely continued to purr lightly in his slumber.

“Nick?” I poked him. He grunted, rolling an eye and flipping his tail. “Nick. Come on! Tell me what you thought.”

Nick sighed, flicking his tail again, and turning an ear toward me.

“Is that it? That’s your opinion?” I poked at him some more. “Come on. Tell me the truth.”

Nick lifted his head from the blankets and gazed at me coldly. His tongue dangled from his mouth, and a neat string of spittle connected it to the bedding.

“That good, huh?”

He rolled his eyes and laid his head down again. I should have known better than to ask the cat.

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