Wordless Wednesday Writing Challenge — Tough Sledding

The RocNaNo blog offers weekly Wordless Wednesday writing prompts. Last week’s was this:

Tough Sledding

Everything was white.

He jumped and tugged at the harness, leaping briefly above the flurry of blowing snow at ground level to peek ahead. For his efforts, Comet got a mouthful of snow and a glimpse of the lead dogs.

He barked.

The man behind barked as well, and they turned.

They’d been going like this for hours. Comet loved it. He barked again. The others barked too.

Comet jumped again. This time he could make out the roof of the house.

Home! Almost home!

He yelped and leaned harder against the harness.

Home! Dinner! Water! Bark! Bark-bark!

Bark-bark! replied the others.

The man called from behind. Again the team turned. They passed through the gate. Then would be the shed.

The man cried for them to slow down. Comet jumped up.

They jogged into the shed. Bark! Bark, bark bark!

It took forever, but he man finally unhooked Comet and brought him into the house. Comet ran back and forth, gulping down water and mouth fulls of food with each lap.

Then weariness struck him. The fire was blazing. The man was resting with his own drink and food, watching something on that barking box.

Comet laid down and immediately fell asleep. He dreamed of running through the snow.

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