Thirsty Thursday – Brewing up a Brand

Today I joined a webinar that went over the top five rules that breweries fail. Most of the reasons can be boiled down to not having a good business plan and not having planned beyond the first few years of business. I mean, any viable business is going to grow. You need to plan for that.

But one of the points was about branding. This is something I can wrap my brain around without special instruction. I get this.Continue reading “Thirsty Thursday – Brewing up a Brand”

The Belgian (an Ale)

One of my favorite things to do is order something interesting that’s on tap at my local restaurant, then try to replicate it at home. That’s what happened when I tried Brewery Ommegang‘s Hennepin some months ago.

I was able to find a clone recipe published by Brew Your Own magazine.

As is typical, of course, the ingredients that I found weren’t exactly what was in the recipe. But what I made was a fantastic beer!

The Belgian
(5 gallons, extract only)Continue reading “The Belgian (an Ale)”

What’s Brew? February 5, 2015

I’m a little worried. This brewing thing might be getting out of control. It might be consuming me.

It started harmless enough. Just a little brew every other weekend or so. But now… Now I’m brewing on the weekends and during the week! It’s a sure sign.

I’m addicted.

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Yam-Tastic Oil Change Porter

Over the winter holiday, I discovered that yams have a particular sweetness that I really felt must be included into a beer somehow. I started looking for yam ale recipes, but none gripped me. Then I stumbled upon a porter recipe for pumpkin, and simply decided to substitute yams for pumpkin and adjusted the batch for my experience and what grains were available to me.

My recipe:

5 gallon partial-mash
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Thirsty Thursday (on Friday) – Racking the Cider

Two weeks ago, I started a hard cider using locally grown apples.

It’s been happily bubbling away in the dining room these past two weeks. It was time, yesterday, to rack it into a smaller carboy.


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Thirsty Thursday – My Own Pumpkin Ale

My weekend was very, very busy, in terms of brewing.

Saturday, I finally bottled by Sam Adams Summer Ale clone. In two weeks, I’ll finally get to drink it!

47 bottles of cloned Sam Adam's Summer Ale, in the process of capping.
47 bottles of cloned Sam Adam’s Summer Ale, in the process of capping.

Once it was bottled, and all the carboys cleaned, it was time to start the Pumpkin Ale.Continue reading “Thirsty Thursday – My Own Pumpkin Ale”

Thirsty Thursday – Racking and Readying

It’s October now. That time of year when all the summer seasonal drinks disappear to be replaced with pumpkin spice everything.

This weekend I should be bottling my Sam Adam’s Summer Ale clone. You can’t buy it anymore because it’s no longer summer, but we’ll get to enjoy it all winter long! Last week, I racked it to clarify it a bit.

Racking the beer with my world-famous chair set-up
Racking the beer with my world-famous chair set-up

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