Thirsty Thursday – My Sam Adam’s Clone

In our household, there’s a lot of beer consumption. I’ve come to the conclusion that the reason why I can’t lose weight is because of the vast quantities of beer available. (This is also my motivation to keep exercising so that I can drink all I want!)

I alternate brews between one that I’ll like and one that my husband will like. It’s more like I brew something for the husband which undoubtedly I will like anyway. Then I brew something for me, which is inevitably too dark and hoppy for my husband’s tastes. (More for me!)

When we’re out, I try to pay attention to what my husband drinks. It’s mostly wheat beers (which are great!). Earlier this year he discovered that he quite liked the Sam Adam’s Summer Ale. I like it too. Continue reading “Thirsty Thursday – My Sam Adam’s Clone”

Thirsty Thursday: The Innkeeper Ale

I racked the Honey Weizen last week, which meant that over the weekend, I could start a new brew. This time it was a kit called the Innkeeper Ale, an English ale.

This brew, like the Honey Porter I did a while ago, also required specialty grains.

Boiling the specialty grains.
Steeping the specialty grains.

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Thirsty Thursday: Porter Ahoy!

OK. I actually started this brew more than a week ago. But then suddenly… time passed, and I didn’t blog about it. What’s up with that?

So I started a porter two Sundays ago. A honey porter. This weekend, it’s due to be racked into the secondary fermenter (unless I do that today, of course).

This one was a new experience, because I had to steep some grains before starting the boil.

The fancy-schmancy grains are in a muslin bag for steeping.
The fancy-schmancy grains are in a muslin bag for steeping.

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Thirsty Thursday: Racking the Mead

Last weekend, I finally got around to racking the mead I started a few weeks ago.

And what does “racking” mean, in brewing parlance?

Racking is the process of transferring your brew from the container you first put it in at the beginning of fermentation into a new, usually smaller, container for further fermentation and clarifying. Continue reading “Thirsty Thursday: Racking the Mead”