Thirsty Thursday – Brewing up a Brand

Today I joined a webinar that went over the top five rules that breweries fail. Most of the reasons can be boiled down to not having a good business plan and not having planned beyond the first few years of business. I mean, any viable business is going to grow. You need to plan for that.

But one of the points was about branding. This is something I can wrap my brain around without special instruction. I get this.

It’s possible to confuse branding with marketing, but they’re not the same thing.

Branding is about your purpose, and what makes you distinct. It’s the elevator speech for your brewery. It’s what sets your beer apart from all the other high-quality brews.

There are thousands of craft breweries out there, what makes yours so special?

We need to think about this a bit more for our own brewery. We do have some things in mind. But we need to really come up with a brand. From there, logos, labels, and other items can follow.

Gotta get on that.

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