Tales of The Finger – The Truth Hurts

I could also call this post, “I Miss My Swords.” I was reading this article today about how writing can help people overcome emotional and physical pain. It resonated with me, because I was cursing at myself this morning as I drove to the office about the pain in my finger because of my stupidContinue reading “Tales of The Finger – The Truth Hurts”

Tales of the Finger – Oh, for a Main Gauche!

Crazy things happen when you’re out in the field. I carry lots of equipment for working with rocks, but nothing to ward off invaders. On this day, I was merely trying to have lunch and I found myself wishing I had my sword. When I’m out doing geology, I seldom think that I’d wish forContinue reading “Tales of the Finger – Oh, for a Main Gauche!”

The Lion – Tales of the Finger

Sometimes, an injury is totally worth it. If you’re gonna get hurt, may as well do it in a real cool way. People keep asking me what I did to hurt my finger – that annoying injury that’s been driving me crazy for the last six weeks. I’m finally almost back to normal, so maybeContinue reading “The Lion – Tales of the Finger”

The Dwarf Pirate – Tales of the Finger

So, you’re wondering what I did. What happened that I needed five stitches on my index finger. Well let me tell you. It was raining. Raining a lot. Completely bizarre for Wyoming at this time of year – for any time of year, really. There was water everywhere. Great ponds where only caked dust layContinue reading “The Dwarf Pirate – Tales of the Finger”

Tales of the Finger, Introduction

One of the “highlights” of my field season this year was when I had a wee accident and wound up with 5 stitches on the index finger of my right hand. In truth, this put a damper on the whole season, but I plunged ahead anyway, eager to meet my commitments and finish what IContinue reading “Tales of the Finger, Introduction”