Tales of the Finger, Introduction

One of the “highlights” of my field season this year was when I had a wee accident and wound up with 5 stitches on the index finger of my right hand.

In truth, this put a damper on the whole season, but I plunged ahead anyway, eager to meet my commitments and finish what I started. Life doesn’t stop just because something stupid happens.

The stitches came out yesterday, and find it fascinating to observe how the healing has taken place. I now have a great fissure across my finger that opens and closes as I straighten and flex my finger. It’s pretty creepy, really, but I see fresh, pink, healthy skin growing in within.

And now comes the challenging part. It’s been a challenge for a while, honestly, ever since I injured myself in the first place. You see, it really is a stupid injury. I need to come up with a good story. I’m going to work on that here.

Tales of the Finger will a series of short stories to explain how I got such a strange injury. At some point, perhaps I’ll write the truth, too. Nah. I’m going to stick to one of these much better explanations!

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