Out of Stupid Comes Humor

Five weeks ago, I tore my finger wide open mostly because I was hot, hangry, and frustrated. Yeah, it was stupid. My finger is doing tons better now, so I don’t feel quite so obligated to keep telling the story.

The day it happened.
The day it happened.

It really sucked especially because it’s the index finger of my right hand that got hurt. I’m right handed. This means that signing my name and doing anything that requires pushing a button has been really difficult. And I wasn’t able to rappel into Natural Trap Cave.

But, five weeks later, my finger is doing much better. It’s still a little inflexible. It’s sore. And it’s weak, so I haven’t quite been able to resume sword practice like usual.

But it would be unlike me to sulk about it. Hence the Tales of the Finger story series (I got a couple more brewing). A person has to laugh or else they’ll wind up crying.

Finger looks much better now. Here pictured with the hook that caused the injury.
Finger looks much better now. Here pictured with the hook that caused the injury.

The hook is on the end of the handle of a rubber mallet. The intention is that it should be used to pull tent stakes out of the ground – the tent stakes that the mallet drove in when the tent was being pitched.

On that wonderful day five weeks ago, the ground was rocky and hard and the mallet broke, leaving me with a mallet handle with a bloody hook on the end.


Anyway, a normal person would just throw it away. But not me. I made a painted door hanger. It’s got a hook on it. That’s mightily convenient.

The painting set-up.
The painting set-up.

On one side, I’ve painted it blue with gold trim in reference to Marth, the Fire Emblem character that my students likened me to while we were in the field. Marth is a good guy. A hero.

Marth - this is a good thing.
Marth – this is a good thing.

On the other side, I wrote “Captain Blood” in the darkest, crimsonest red I could find. With a name like Blood, it can’t be good.

Don't knock on the door.
Don’t knock on the door.

So now I have this crazy memento. I’ll probably put this in my office at work. I’ll hang it on my door to express my mood. Or I’ll just giggle about it.

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