Tales of the Finger – Oh, for a Main Gauche!

Crazy things happen when you’re out in the field. I carry lots of equipment for working with rocks, but nothing to ward off invaders. On this day, I was merely trying to have lunch and I found myself wishing I had my sword.

When I’m out doing geology, I seldom think that I’d wish for a sword. But there I was, with a stick and a rock hammer.

And the Clark’s Nutcracker was totally divebombing me.

Nucifraga columbiana1.jpg
“Nucifraga columbiana1” by Dave Menke – This image originates from the National Digital Library of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

I was mistaken to think I could wield a stick and a hammer in defense against such a little bird. That thing was maneuverable!

And a hammer is no main gauche. Almost immediately, I clipped my finger, dropping everything. The bird swooped down and took what was left of my sandwich. I guess that’s what it wanted all along.

When I finally looked at my hand, it was blood everywhere. Yup, my field day was over and I was on my way to the ER.

Alas, if only I carried a proper Main Gauche – a parrying dagger – with me, this might not have happened. But who carries such things in the field?

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