Thirsty Thursday – My Sam Adam’s Clone

In our household, there’s a lot of beer consumption. I’ve come to the conclusion that the reason why I can’t lose weight is because of the vast quantities of beer available. (This is also my motivation to keep exercising so that I can drink all I want!)

I alternate brews between one that I’ll like and one that my husband will like. It’s more like I brew something for the husband which undoubtedly I will like anyway. Then I brew something for me, which is inevitably too dark and hoppy for my husband’s tastes. (More for me!)

When we’re out, I try to pay attention to what my husband drinks. It’s mostly wheat beers (which are great!). Earlier this year he discovered that he quite liked the Sam Adam’s Summer Ale. I like it too. Continue reading “Thirsty Thursday – My Sam Adam’s Clone”