Thirsty Thursday – Merry Mead

A week ago last Monday, I bottled up my very first batch of beer. I’ll be tasting it for the first time in less that an week.

A week ago last Tuesday, I awoke to clean brewing equipment and a hankerin’ to do some more brewing.

A five gallon carboy ready for some honey, water, and yeast.
A clean and sanitized five gallon carboy.

I had anticipated wanted to start a new batch of something, and had activated a pouch of yeast from a mead making kit.

Imagine my delight when I checked on it that Tuesday morning to see it all inflated and ready to us.

It was time to start a batch of mead.

Mead is mostly fermented honey. The mead kit I bought was mostly jars of honey, with some yeast and yeast nutrient.

Honey for mead.
Honey for mead.

Unlike beer, there is no boiling step, unless you count heating some water to ensure that you got all the honey out of the jars.

Honey, yeast, and water. Ferment, baby!
Honey, yeast, and water. Ferment, baby!

Within 24 hours, it was fermenting enthusiastically.

Fermenting away.
Fermenting away.

The carboy started in the living room, but has since been moved to my home office, where temperatures are a little more consistently warm. Another week, and I’ll move the batch to the three-gallon carboy I recently bought and let it sit for a few months.

Hopefully by the end of that, and in time for renaissance faire season, I’ll have a lovely batch of mead to enjoy!

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