Art Every Day – Day 3

A little bit of art every day is good for the soul. This month I’m making a point of trying to do something artistic daily, as part of Art Every Day Month.

Because of this, I’ve let myself get into a little project, just for giggles. Drawing is a fun thing, and the idea for this just tickled me. I probably shouldn’t work on it, as I’m in the office and thus should be doing office-y things. Whatever.

Here’s a preview. Can you guess what the final product will be?

Hmmm. Fish.
Hmmm. Fish.

I’m also still working on my NaNoWriMo novel. It feels a little weak right now, but whatever. It’s a first draft. All first drafts are crap. Here’s an excerpt:

“Tell us more, Jerome,” said Henry. “What was the court like in 
“There are a lot of beautiful people. And lots of fat people. 
Plenty of lazy people. And many who’ve never worked a day in their 
lives,” muttered Jerome.

“I imagine their clothes of silk and velvet,” said Henry spinning, 
“in all the brightest colors.”

“You saw what Lord Armand and Lady Penelope word, Henry,” grumbled 
Martin. “Their clothes were dull and ordinary.”

“But they had no holes, Martin,” said Henry. “And they were finer 
weaves than what we wear. Besides, they’d been riding for a while. 
No doubt their richest clothes were safely hidden.”

“And there it is,” said Damien.

Martin whistled as Herongarde Castle came into view. The troupe 
paused to gawk at the splendor that was the home of Herongarde’s 
royal family. A wall stood nearly 50 feet high, extending across 
the large open field before the gatehouse. Henry gaped at the wall, 
trying to fathom all that was within. He had been told that the 
wall enclosed nearly 60 acres of land, in which stood the castle’s 
keep and a small village of about 100 that provided support for 
the court. There was open land, a few fields, tournament grounds — 
so many things!

The walls were decorated with large hanging banners featuring the 
colors and symbols of Herongarde: the brilliant blue and gold, with 
herons standing at the ready with swords gripped in their claws. 
Blue and yellow flags lined the top of the wall where men in armor 
paced at the guard.


  1. Like I said on facebook, I have no clue what this will become because all I can think about, it seems, are stupid and silly fish puns. I must control myself!

    Just now, for example, I thought “coy” as in “koi”… I have no control.

    Love the work, love the work!

    I also have a son in the spectrum, by the way….


    1. Penny says:

      Aha! You give me an idea! A school of coy kois. The shyness will explode on the interwebs.

      As soon as I get this one done.


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