Art Every Day – Day 2

The challenge is to create something every day. To do some art. For most, this is the visual arts, and I too would interpret the challenge that way. But there’s more art than just the visual arts, and as my weekends are largely unpredictable, the visual arts didn’t happen for me today.

But I did do some art.

I did my usual Sunday activity of writing a short piece based on a photo prompt. This is the photo we had to work with:

I did write a short piece. A bit of a scary story. It fits into a larger story I’m working on, but will never be part of the finished novel – none of the key characters are in this scene and this isn’t really relevant to the rest of the story. But hey, it’s fun!

I spent most of my day working in the yard stacking wood and doing some yard preparations for winter. As I was wandering around, I came upon this scene. The lighting was so amazing, I had to take a photo.

Halloween is past. Bring on winter.

A photo posted by Penny Higgins (@paleololigo) on


Sometimes nature make the art for you. Your challenge is to capture it and share it the way you see it. I like this photo, because it looks like how it felt right at that moment.

Tomorrow, it’s back to work and the regimented daily cycle. I’ll try to build some art time into the daily grind.

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