My Parents. My Friends.

National Blog Posting Month – February 2014 – Perspective

Prompt – Describe your relationship with your parents. How has it changed over the years?


I’ve always had a good relationship with my parents. I like my parents. I enjoy hanging out with them.

Yeah, they’re still my parents. They’re happy to offer parental advice whenever I might need it. I’m a parent now, too. I appreciate their insights now more than ever.

But I consider them friends now too. If I met them randomly, I’d probably enjoy their company. My dad has interesting stories to tell, and has hobbies that I can really connect with.

My mom is just like me (or rather, I’m just like her, since she came first), only in a slightly older version. We enjoy all the same things, so of course we get along. There are differences between us too, mostly because she was raised by her parents and I was raised by mine.

I’m fortunate that I get along great with my parents. I know others who aren’t so lucky. So, yeah, there are moments when I still roll my eyes, but my parents are my friends.

How about you?

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