High Resolutions

BlogHer Writing Lab – January Theme: Balance

January 19 – Prompt: What is your personal trick to sticking to a resolution?


There’s a trick?

OK, maybe there is a trick.

It takes time and experience for this trick to work. It’s about knowing yourself and being honest with yourself.

I used to make resolutions that were lofty and unrealistic. I thought that if I made the resolutions loudly enough, somehow they would happen. No one should be surprised to know that doesn’t work.

Now, I think carefully about resolutions. I make one or two. They’re never massive and lofty, but are smaller interim steps toward that lofty goal.

I want to write a book. Rather than say “write a book this year,” I say “write 1000 words a week this year.” I can do that. I can write 1500 words a day if I press myself. A thousand words a week is most of a novel written in one year.

I want to get fit. Rather than say “I’m gonna join a gym and exercise 6 days a week,” I say “exercise 30 minutes a day at least 5 days a week.” I can do that. I already have a pile of video workouts. I got this.

I’d like to lose some weight. To that I say, “Get fit. Don’t diet.” Guess what? I’ve dropped ten pounds in the last month because I’ve been meeting my exercise goal, plus walking a very energetic puppy for thirty minutes a few days a week.

I also resolved to get back to blogging daily. I think I’m succeeding there, too.

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