Hayride season

National Blog Posting Month – September 2014 – Crunch

Prompt – Tell us about your ideal hayride. What would you bring? Who would be there?


Oh my goodness. Hayrides. The last time I went on a hayride was probably close to 15 years ago. It was a ton of fun, back in a more carefree time when my husband and I were a fairly new couple, without children or other major responsibilities.

How different would a hayride be now?

Firstly, I’d have to decide if I wanted a daytime ride, say through an orchard or along the edge of a lovely stream, or a nighttime ride with scary, halloween-y characters leaping out left and right.

The last hayride I went on was a haunted hayride. There’s only so scary such a ride can be, when the ghoulish characters can’t actually get too close. The one we were on was towed by a tractor, the noise of which seemed to scare off anything truly frightening.

Ooh, but a day-time hayride with a horse-drawn wagon would be lovely. Maybe that’s more my style as I’ve gotten older. (Wait, what?)

Well, ok. Horses. Maybe I just want to be around horses. Can I just have a hayride, minus the hay and wagon, but totally including a horse?

Maybe what I’m saying is that I need a horse. Yup. That’ll do.

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