Charlie’s Domain

National Blog Posting Month – February 2014 – Perspective

Prompt – Do you have a pet? Describe your house from the perspective of your pet.


When we first got Charlie at about two years old. Chillin' in Florida.

My name is Charlie. Let me tell you about my home.

My domain is big. It has a warm end and a cold end, a wet end and a dry end. There are the high places that sometimes I can go to, but sometimes not.

I like it when the opposable-thumb-ones let me go into the spaces up high. One space is warm, the other is soft. So soft, in fact, that my kitten-brother often gets his claws caught on the ground – that is until the opposable-thumb-ones clip his claws shorter.

I rule this domain, and tolerate within it my kitten-brother and the other-brother. The other-brother at times tries to steal my crown, but I am much larger and more powerful. The opposable-thumb-ones also respect my authority and sometimes help remind other-brother that I am his superior.

Where was I?

Yes, yes.

On the lower level is the warm end, with the fire box. The opposable-thumb-ones put wood in it morning and night to keep me warm. I would that they were around during the day to continue feeding the box, because it gets a little chilly.

The other end of the lower level is the wet end, at least at this time of year. The white covering from outside comes in on the feet of the opposable-thumb-ones, and then turns to water. Oh! How I hate getting my paws wet. The wet end of the house is also the cold end, because it is so far from the fire box. Sadly, the opposable-thumb-ones insist on keeping my food and water on the cold, wet end of the house.

The ground on the lower level is hard and slippery. My paws are always slipping. I shall try again to have a word with the opposable-thumb-ones. Surely they must understand what an inconvenience this is for me.

Getting from the lower level to the high places requires some climbing. I do prefer it when the opposable-thumb-ones carry me, rather than forcing me to walk. I’m just not as spry as I used to be. Kitten-brother and other-brother make the climb running. I wonder if they’ve noticed how hard it is for me?

Well now other-brother isn’t running around much. He gets the privilege of sleeping permanently in the high room that is warm. He got hurt and smells like that awful place where they took out my teeth those months ago. The opposable-thumb-ones now keep him in a cage. That’ll teach him who’s boss.

Time to consult the opposable-thumb-ones once more for the evening. It seems my food bowls don’t have the very freshest food possible. We must correct that at once.


  1. Vanessa says:

    Hahaha – such a fun idea! Cats are the real rules of the world! Keep up the NaBloPoMo posts – I’m trying it too: 🙂


    1. Penny says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for stopping by!


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