Acupressure to Aleviate My Headaches

National Blog Posting Month – January 2014 – Pressure

Prompt – Have you ever tried acupressure to treat a problem? What was your experience with it?


I’ve never tried either acupressure or acupuncture.

There’s part of me that’s highly skeptical that they can even work.

Then there’s the part of me that thinks that some of the anecdotal evidence is pretty compelling. And, you know, the human body is pretty amazing. When you consider things starting from the embryo (which I have – and it’s amazing!), it seems quite reasonable that there could be a connection between a spot on the hand and a part of the brain.

Naturally, I’ve read places that say things like, ‘If you press here, your headaches will go away.’ Well, my headaches never go away. But then again, maybe I’m doing it wrong. But since ibuprofen always works, I head to the bottle and solve the problem that way.

Have any readers out there had experiences with acupressure? I know it and acupuncture have been applied with success in veterinary care. Maybe I just haven’t given it a fair shake.

What do you think?


  1. Lynda Lippin says:

    I have had both and they both work. I find acupuncture to be extremely effective and I go every week. Acupuncture is recognized as a viable treatment by Western medicine, especially for pain relief, stress, headaches, and insomnia. I know of at least 3 women personally who gave up on having children until finding a good Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner. I encourage you to try it for your headaches.


  2. If you are interested in trying acupressure to treat headaches or other pain issues you can try it for free by going to The next time you feel a headache starting up go to the website, click on the part of the image which best matches your head pain, and it will take you to a page which tells you where and how to press.

    This website doesn’t replace going to an acupuncturist for complicated health issues like infertility or fibromyalgia, but it is a fast and safe way to relieve everyday pain issues. Its easier than finding a bottle of ibuprofen in the cupboard and if you treat your problem at the beginning before it gets worse you will get even better results.


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