Introducing Thirsty Thursday

I’ve been thinking about it for years, somewhat envious of those I know who have embraced this hobby. Then, just a few days ago, my husband expressed an interest in it as well, apparently having never thought about it before.

Now, fast forward a few days and about $200 dollars later, and we’re about to join the leagues of people who home brew their own beer.

I’m a geologist, so I’m pretty much obligated to drink beer. Geologists love beer.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to be a bit of a beer snob. In younger days, beer was the pathway to drunkenness – which, in my experience, seldom worked out very well. Now somewhat older, I prefer to drink a brew that actually tastes good. I love going to places like Beers of the World. Or how about the Flying Saucer in Houston? When I went to Germany a few years back, it was amazing.

Yup, I’m even trying to learn the differences among all the types of beers, like lagers, bocks, ales, and stouts.

Once I start brewing these things, the differences will be clear. Plus, I’ll have something good to drink.

So stay tuned. I’ll have a recurring post – Thirsty Thursday – when I’ll update the universe on our latest brewing endeavors. I’m looking forward to it!

Oh hey! And look what just came in the mail!

A little light reading...
A little light reading…


  1. Mary says:

    Cheers 🙂

    In Canada, home brewing is really popular (beer is way more expensive up here than in the US!) and there are some great kits. I prefer cider, but my husband and his friend brew some good beers.

    Looking forward to the update!


  2. John says:

    Good luck with the “science” experiment. I used to like beer, but not so much these days. Rum has always been my drink of choice. Perhaps in a former life I lived in the Caribbean?


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