I leaned back in the stiff leather chair, gazing up at the ceiling. Casually, I spun the chair a little to the right, then a little to the left. The ceiling tiles bore no answer. I rubbed my hand across my face and sighed.

They were all there, surrounding me, quietly waiting for me to speak. What would I tell them? I straightened, and the chair snapped upright with a thump. They were all still there. One nearest me had a pad and pencil at the ready.

This room was crowded when I was alone, with my computers and books, and the haphazard piles of papers stacked here and there, threatening to fall at any moment. Now it felt positively suffocating. One of them was awfully close to my most recent pile. The pile with the Plan.

I smiled, laughing at the situation. They all smiled brightly in return. It had started innocently enough, not a week earlier, when I casually mentioned to my class that if I had enough help, we could tackle this project – a project that might reveal answers to some very pressing global problems. I couldn’t do the work myself. I was disheartened.

Then one came to my office. I enjoyed the company and we chatted. He loved it, too. He wanted to help. Whatever I needed, he said. I needed more help. The next day, he came back with two more. They loved the project! But I still needed more help. And it grew.

Now my office is suddenly too small. And they’re all waiting for me. I have a plan. We can accomplish this. Together. With me in charge.

The power made my head swirl. They were waiting for instruction from me.

I grinned wider. Their eyes lit up.

“Well,” I said. “I’m so glad to see you all.”

“Glad to be here,” commented one.

Nods and smiles were exchanged in agreement.

“Let’s get this thing done. I know what we need to do,” I said. “And now, with you all – my minions – I do believe it can be completed!”

They clapped and cheered, as I picked up my notebook. Inside was outlined who would do which task. This was going to be easy!

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