How Do Silica Tetrahedra Work? – A #UREES101 #GoodQuestion

Most common rock-forming minerals on Earth belong to a group of minerals called silicates. Silicates are distinguished from other minerals by the silica tetrahedron (sometimes called the silicate tetrahedron), a structural unit composed of one silicon atom surrounded by four oxygen atoms that bond directly to the silicon. This gives it the chemical formula ofContinue reading “How Do Silica Tetrahedra Work? – A #UREES101 #GoodQuestion”

Friday Headlines: September 8, 2017

Friday Headlines, September 8, 2017 THE LATEST IN THE GEOSCIENCES Today’s round-up: Irma on my mind… Hurricane Irma is bearing down on the state of Florida. Today’s headlines are about how we know what we know about hurricanes well before they make landfall. Doppler Radar – How does it work? Satellite Precipitation Measurements – HowContinue reading “Friday Headlines: September 8, 2017”