Random Review – Mi Ranchito, Sidney, Nebraska

Sidney Nebraska is known for being the world headquarters for Cabela’s. There’s a massive store there that is frequented by geologists and students who find themselves within driving distance.

Over the many years that I’ve driven through there for various field excursions, I have almost always stopped for one reason or another. A few years ago, a restaurant opened that I quite enjoyed. I go to this restaurant every time I pass through. It’s called Mi Ranchito. Continue reading “Random Review – Mi Ranchito, Sidney, Nebraska”

Random Review – Shanghai Chinese Restaurant, Milan, Illinois

We found ourselves craving Chinese food the second night of our unplanned stay in Milan, Illinois. We decided to check out Shanghai Chinese Restaurant, as we had passed it numerous times on our strolls.

I admit, at first I was unimpressed. We walked in and the place was empty. It seemed quite run-down, and it definitely smelled of mothballs.

We ordered the dinner for 3, since there were three of us.

At the first bite of the ‘sizzling’ soup, my attitude about the place changed.

The soup was delicious, and the main dishes were very flavorful and delightful.

While we were there, the restaurant filled up with locals. We guessed it was empty when we got there because we were still operating a time zone off. We were there fairly early. A great many people came in to get take-out as well.

If you enjoy Chinese food and find yourself stuck in Milan for some reason, do stop into Shanghai Restaurant. You won’t be disappointed!

Three thumbs up!

~Marth, Pathfinder, and the Prince of Denmark