Random Review – Mi Ranchito, Sidney, Nebraska

Sidney Nebraska is known for being the world headquarters for Cabela’s. There’s a massive store there that is frequented by geologists and students who find themselves within driving distance.

Over the many years that I’ve driven through there for various field excursions, I have almost always stopped for one reason or another. A few years ago, a restaurant opened that I quite enjoyed. I go to this restaurant every time I pass through. It’s called Mi Ranchito.

We stopped there last night before our final 2-hour push into Laramie.

Available there is typical Mexican fare, served in an environment that’s full-service but has a bit of the feel of a fast food restaurant.

It’s inexpensive – though not fast-food cheap – and the three of us ate for $30.

The menu is diverse and has something for any taste, appetite, or price.

We all enjoyed our meals and give it an enthusiastic three thumbs up.

~Marth, Pathfinder, and the Prince of Denmark.


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