Excitement and Anxiety

As of January first, I have been unemployed for the first time in 15 years. Three days before my last official day of work, my 17 year marriage ended as well.

In some ways, I’m perfectly happy being unemployed. My former job was giving me an unnecessarily high amount of stress and it was costing me.The marriage was destroying my emotional stability as well. Being free represents a chance to start all over

I have a chance to think about my own needs and to get caught up on all the things I had been neglecting for so many years. It’s actually pretty exciting.

The downside is that unemployment benefits amount to less than half of my former salary, and with no second income in the house, recurring bills are a challenge to pay. Loss of my job also means losing health benefits. I can get health insurance through the state, thankfully, but this costs additional money that I also don’t have

Every day I spend my time thinking about how to stretch my funds, looking for work, realizing that the job I need does not exist, and laying the groundwork to start my own businesses. Then I go back to trying to stretch my money because everything about starting a business costs money.

I can’t look for work every moment of every day, so I am using extra moments to deal with the fallout from the divorce and to work on getting some disability benefits for my autistic child.

Meanwhile, I’m working on making EPOCH Isotopes a reality. Mew-Mew House is taking off as well. I just have to be careful because all of it costs money, which is a precious commodity right now. Visit those websites and the blogs therein to learn more about how progress is going and ways you can help if you’re so inclined!

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