W is for Work – #AtoZChallenge

W is for Work

Godwin sat, sharpening the blade of his sword, casually watching Barth teaching a handful of men how to use a dagger to defend themselves against men with swords. “We’ll be in tunnels and narrow passages,” Barth said. “The sword loses its advantage.”

A shout came up, echoing through the cavern system. Everyone fell silent as Barth rushed toward the noise. Godwin followed at a walk, keeping his sword at the ready. Vincent dashed past Godwin, and Godwin started to jog.

A man was dragged in, with a sack over his head, and forced to his knees. Kenrick was close behind, now talking vigorously with Vincent. He caught sight of Godwin.

“David!” shouted Kenrick. “Here.”

Godwin passed the kneeling man, who was weeping under the sack. “Who is this?”

“I pray I’ve found the right man.”

Godwin turned back the the sobbing man and whipped the sack off of his head.

Simon cowered back in the torchlight.

“Simon,” said Godwin.

Simon blinked up through his tears. Godwin squatted down in front of him. “Simon, my friend.”

“Godwin?” Simon stammered.

“My friend.” Godwin embraced Simon.

“Help me, Godwin.”

Godwin straightened. “Remove this man’s bindings. He is our friend.”

Simon leaned on Godwin as they cut the ropes from his wrists.

“We need you, Simon,” Godwin whispered.

Simon fixed his gaze on Godwin. “You told me you weren’t you. You lied.”

Godwin sighed. “Yes, and no. You startled me, friend. And I much prefer the life of David over that of Godwin.”

Simon grimmaced.

“But we need you. Aldred must be stopped.”

“I know,” said Simon. “Too many have died.”

“I need your help.”

“What? How?”

“You know Yorstyle better than any man. We need to get in there.”

Simon grinned. “Oh?”

Godwin nodded eagerly. “Yes!”

“I guess. Maybe.”

Godwin hugged his friend. “Come then. We have work to do!”

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Start at the beginning (A is for Aldred)

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