V is for Vincent – #AtoZChallenge

V is for Vincent

“Get up!” cried Godwin. “Get up, all of you!”

Warily, the gathered men and women stood.

“I don’t want this,” Godwin said. “I want to be David. David of Baronwyth. I have a wife. I have a child. I till the fields. I lived the royal life, and it was dull and meaningless.” He smiled at Barth. “Though not lonely, nor without its friends.” He raised his voice. “Aldred would destroy all that is good of this country. All that has meaning. My father knew nothing of his people. But I know these people. I know you. You are what is good in this world.”

Godwin coughed and cleared his throat. “I don’t want to be king. But it is more important that Aldred is defeated. That my family and yours can be safe. So I will do what I must.” He turned to the man who had so recently thrown him on the ground. “You lead these people, aye?”

The man nodded slowly.

“Then tell me what must be done.”

The man worked his mouth, but said nothing.

“I tell you I have my blood to offer. Now you know what that means. But I am also a man of the sword. I may have disliked my father, but he taught me well. The throne was never his plan for me. He meant me to fight to protect the kingdom. And here we are. What next good man?”

The man bowed. “We plot to gain entrance to the castle at Yorstyle. Barth helps us with our planning. We will gain entry and defeat Aldred from within.”

Godwin nodded and turned to Barth. “You are a good guide, friend.”

Barth smiled. “I don’t remember everything though.”

Godwin frowned. “We need Simon.”

“Aye,” said Barth. “But I know not where he is.”

Godwin eyed Kenrick. “Perhaps we can find him.”

Kenrick nodded. “I will… I can find him.”

Godwin turned back to the man. “Have you a name, friend? I cannot call you ‘man’.”

The man bowed. “I am Vincent, Sire. And I will serve you.”

“You don’t serve me. You serve this nation, as do I. I bid you to continue to organize these men. We have a common enemy and a common cause.”

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