S is for Secret – #AtoZChallenge

S is for Secret

Godwin tapped his horse’s flank, encouraging the stallion to continue up the steep trail. He had been riding silently behind Kenrick for more than three hours, climbing higher and higher into the hills behind Baronwyth. The sun had dipped behind the peaks more than an hour earlier and twilight was falling.

The trail passed between some large stones and a nearly vertical cliff. The trail grew darker between the rocks. Kenrick slowed.

Godwin heard a noise behind him and looked back. Four men now occupied the trail where they had just been.

Kenrick’s horse snorted, bringing Godwin’s focus forward again. The trail was blocked by an additional group of men. The horses stopped.

Kenrick addressed the men, but Godwin couldn’t hear what he said.

Abruptly, Godwin’s horse was surrounded by men. “Get off,” said one to the men. Godwin dismounted.

As soon as both of Godwin’s feet touched the ground a sack was put over his head and his arms were tied behind his back. He was shoved forward.

“Just come along, David,” Godwin heard Kenrick say. Cautiously. Godwin stepped, hoping not to fall.

After walking for another half hour, Godwin felt the air temperature and environmental sounds change as he crossed a threshold into a larger chamber. Whispers told him that the room was crowded with people.

Godwin was forced to his knees and the bag was whipped off of his head. He looked around.

Fifty men stared at him. Kenrick was among them.

A man stepped forward, blocking Godwin’s view of Kenrick. “Who are you?” he demanded.

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