R is for Reconciliation – #AtoZChallenge

R is for Reconciliation

Godwin walked home alone, troubled.

He had looked his best friend – the one person he’d known his entire life – and said he did not know him.

Godwin felt sick. This was a disaster.

He’d never considered that people from his past might suddenly reappear.

When he got back to the house, he stoked up the fire and sat, staring into the flames.

“What happened,” Joan said, startling Godwin. “That man said he knew you.”

“He did,” said Godwin. “It was unexpected.”

“But you didn’t know him?” Joan said, sitting on the bench beside him. “He seemed so certain.”

Godwin gazed at her in silence.

“What happened?” she said again.

Godwin sighed and rubbed his face. His eyes burned, fighting back complex emotions. He didn’t want to lie to Joan. He loved her so much. David loved her. David was the man he wanted to be. David didn’t know Simon.

But Godwin did.

“I sent that boy away,” Kenrick announced when he walked in from the barn. “I didn’t smell drink on him. He must be mad.”

Godwin sighed deeply and rubbed his eyes. The silence became uncomfortable.

“What?” said Kenrick.

Godwin put his hands in his lap and looked at the crucifix hanging on the wall. He drew a deep breath. “I remember.”

“You remember… what happened? Who hurt you?” said Joan. “Who did it?”

“It was Aldred, of course,” said Godwin. “Actually, his general Grant. I think he enjoyed it.”

“Why?” said Kenrick, coming around to stand in front of Godwin. “Why would he hurt you?”

Godwin frowned. “Because the man we met tonight is not mad. My birth name is Godwin. Given to me by my father, Bertram.”

“What?” chuckled Kenrick. “Like our king, Bertram?” He laughed.

Godwin waited. He turned to Joan who returned his gaze, concerned. “In fact, just like King Bertram.”

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