O is for Oriel – #AtoZChallenge

O is for Oriel

Godwin stared down at the struggling tiny person. “So beautiful,” he whispered.

The baby gazed back at him with dark blue eyes, making tiny sounds as she worked her hands open and closed. Her face scrunched up and she began to cry.

“Oh no-no-no,” whispered Godwin. He started to walk, bouncing the baby gently. “Sleep my little Oriel.”

Joan padded slowly back into the room. “How’s our darling?”

Godwin grinned. “Lovely as ever.”

Oriel responded to her mother’s voice by turning her head and reaching out.

“You want mummy?” said Godwin. “You want the mummy?”

Oriel scrunched her face again.

“I’m sure she’s hungry,” said Joan, lowering herself into the comfortable rocking chair near the fire. “Here David.” She held her arms out to Godwin to receive Oriel.

“Mummy’s got food,” smiled Godwin as he carefully set the infant into her mother’s waiting arms. “Mummy take good care of you, angel.”

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