N is for Nuptials – #AtoZChallenge

N is for Nuptials

Godwin smiled at Joan, then buried his face into her neck. She giggled, stroking his sweaty head.

He marveled at how he felt in this moment. He was at peace, comfortable, satisfied.

Definitely not bored.

Oh how court was boring. If only he had realized that being no one of importance was the best thing that could ever have happened to him.

“David,” Joan whispered.

“Aye, my love.”

“I didn’t know I could be so happy.”

He raised his head and propped himself up on an elbow. “I didn’t know such happiness could exist, either.”

“To think I might never have known you.” She ran her finger across his bent nose, one of many reminders of the torture he had endured. He still had nightmares, but he had not yet – and probably never would – revealed his identity to Joan. David was a fine man. Godwin liked David much better than Godwin, son of Bertram. David who was nobody was a happy man. Busy. Physically exhausted most of the time. But happy.

He was glad to be gone from court. Godwin was dead. Good riddance.

“I hope I give you many sons,” Joan said.

“I only need your company, my Lady,” Godwin whispered. He was tired. It had been a busy day of ceremony and festivals. Then her arms. He laid his head down and drew a deep sigh. Sleep would take him soon. He wanted to live in this moment forever.

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