H is for Heap – #AtoZChallenge

H is for Heap

Course, dusty fabric scratched across his nose, trapping heat against his face. Godwin didn’t move.

He couldn’t move.

His head thumped against a wooden plank. Muffled, somewhere in the distance, wheels rolled across stony ground.

Movement stopped. Distant voices. Muffled.

An otherworldly sensation. Lifted. Sharp pains. Then dropped.

Grass and thorns pricked his skin. The sun beat across his face. A shadow cooled his flesh.

“Make sure he’s dead.”

There was pressure on his chest. A searing pain.

Thunder rumbled. Rain splashed across his naked flesh. Mud splattered.

A woman’s voice. Then a man’s.

“He lives,” the woman said in the distance.

“God in heaven. We cannot leave him here,” the thunder rumbled.

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