G is for Gyrations – #AtoZChallenge

G is for Gyrations

TW: Torture

Grant returned soon after with three other men. Together, they hoisted Godwin from his restraints and dragged him down several passages into a large atrium. At the center of the atrium was a large tower, with long arms and chains extending from the top. Gears and ropes connected the arms in a complicated tangle.

Dangling down on a thick chain from one of the arms was a circular metal cage, no more than four feet in diameter. A man stepped forward and opened a thick door into the cage and Godwin was tossed inside.

Godwin looked around the cramped space as they locked him inside. Steel loops were bolted inside. Godwin gripped one and righted himself, looking out between the bars.

“What are you—?”

The cage lurched. Godwin grabbed for another bar.

“I recommend you hold on,” smiled Grant. “Or not.” He shrugged and motioned at a pair of men standing within the base of the tower. “This will be interesting.”

The cage rose off the ground.

“I appreciate your participation in this experiment,” called Grant. “Do enjoy yourself.”

The cage stopped when it was about 30 feet above the ground. And suddenly it dropped.

Godwin screamed in terror, grabbing frantically for something to hold on to. Then it stopped, and Godwin was crushed to the bottom. He felt something pop in his foot, which was awkwardly underneath him.

Then the cage rose up again.

“Oh God, stop!” Godwin cried.

The cage swung to the side, then abruptly snapped back in the opposite direction. Godwin struck his head against one of the handholds, and was temporarily blinded. The cage continued to move, jerking from side to side and up and down. It rolled.

Godwin wasn’t sure which way was up. A handhold crushed his ribs.

His arm slipped through the cage bars. He felt it snap as the cage spun.

He wanted it to end. Would it end?

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  1. Andrea says:

    It’s creative for sure! Poor guy though.


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