Life History of Carnivores: Comparing Across Size and Ecology – #365papers – 2018 – 19

Gittleman, 1986, Carnivore life history patterns: Allometric, phylogenetic, and ecological patterns: The American Naturalist, v. 127, p. 744-771

What’s it about?

This paper is an effort to summarize the similarities of life history among all mammals. Life history includes things like age of maturity, the time between litters, and the overall size of the animals.

Why does it matter?

Such research is valuable to understand how much things like litter size, weight, and timing, and adult body size relate to evolutionary relationships. The basic question is, what are the *real* differences among different kinds of carnivores.

Why did I read this?

I picked this up because I’m really interested in the timing of tooth mineralization with relation to weaning in carnivores. I am particularly interested in when the canine starts to grow, as this is related to some of my current research.

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