Uintan Mammals from A to Z – #AtoZChallenge – 2017

It’s April, so it’s time for the A to Z Blogging Challenge!

Each year in April there is a challenge to write 26 blog posts during the month, one for each letter of the English alphabet. I’ve done:

Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) (2016)
Beer and Brewing (2015)
Cameras (2014)
Paleocene Mammals (2013)

This year, I’m going back to a paleontology theme. I’ll be looking for fossils of Uintan Age mammals, provided I can find them.

The Uintan is a North American Land Mammal “age,” that is, a period of time in North America defined by a particular suite of fossil mammals. In years, the Uintan lasted from around 45 to 40 million years ago.

I’m particularly interested in this period of time because I am actively doing research with mammals that lived then. I will be taking advantage of the 2017 A to Z Challenge to brush up on my fossil identifications.

Check back here often to see what I post.

A is for Amynodon
B is for Bunomeryx
C is for Colodon
D is for Diplobunops
E is for Epihippus
F is for Forstercooperia
G is for Grangeria
H is for Harpagolestes
I is for Isectolophus
J is for Janimus
K is for Knightomys
L is for Leptotragulus
M is for Macrotarsius
N is for Notoparamys
O is for Ourayia
P is for Protylopus
Q is for Quadratomus
R is for Reithroparamys
S is for Smilodectes
T is for Tapocyon
U is for Uintatherium
V is for Viverravus
W is for Washakius
X is for Xylotitan
Y is for Yerbua
Z is for Zionodon

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